Introduction to the interview with Claudio Gonella

I set aside several afternoons for Claudio Gonella. We spent this time browsing the photo archive, telling about his life, work, and hobbies. Claudio Gonella is ex fish exporter, businessman, but also an excellent master chef who is still invited to Italian television programs to prepare recipes for Italian cuisine..

When you turn off the main road to Claudio Gonnella’s house, you suddenly find yourself in another world. On the gravel road, you will come in front of a magnificent wrought iron gate, after which you will see a classic Italian building sensitively rebuilt for the comfort of the owners. In front of the house is a natural mosaic tiles on which rests the dog BauBau and Cat Silvestro. Both very pleased with any visit. The owner, Claudio Gonella, is standing at the entrance, and at first glance you see a man who still has sparkle and selectivity in his eyes. This charismatic person will bring us closer to the heyday of tourism and fishing in Jesolo and the entire Venetian region.

Claudio describes her house as the most beautiful in all of Italy. I don’t know all the beautiful houses in Italy, and there are many, but I dare say it’s really unique. Massive wooden trusses, interior acknowledged masonry, beautiful open fireplaces, unique kitchen design, all traditionally and very sensitively made of classic materials and in the classic style of the Italian countryside. As in the whole of Italy, there is a strong Italian feeling for design, architecture and the combination of materials and colors.

The hallway is decorated with a beautiful chandelier made of the famous Murano glass. On the walls are oil paintings, mostly thematically related to local nature, sea, fishing, and faith. From the living room, you have a wonderful view of the Jesolo horizon through palm trees and a canal with swans in front of the house. It is also worth mentioning that there are photographs and artifacts of Claudio Gonella’s children everywhere, from whom he has been separated for a long time. However, this topic is the 13th room of Claudio Gonella. When he talks about his children from a tough businessman he becomes a sad man.

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Katerina Vachova

I love writing, travelling, nature, the sea, and new technologies. Italy is my second home. I love the country, especially Veneto Region. People in Italy are friendly, active, charming and cheerful.

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