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Veneto Magazine is an online medium about the beauties, history, culture, places of interest, cities, and monuments of the Veneto Region in Italy. 

We will take you through all the breathtaking cities, funny resorts with sandy beaches and lined with pine groves. Get to know the fauna and flora of nature reserves with us.

Our sources are our experiences, photos, views, professional literature, online databanks, witnesses, and local media.

Our targets? Online magazine oriented to introducing the Veneto Region in Italy and its online and active tourism possibilities. 

In the year 2023, we will bring you to Web3 and the metaverse and will discover together the opportunities for hospitality and tourism. 

Katerina, Veneto Info & Veneto Info Magazine

About Places

Magic places, paradise nature, smell of the sea.

About People

Italian people are nice, empatic and elegant with a flair for art and design. Let' s go to know them better.

About Stories

Stunning stories full of positive emotions only.

About Food

We enjoy all the great Italian delicatessens as Olive oil, wine, salami, prosciutto, pasta, vinegar, pizza, fruit, vegetable, and all the other.

My journey to Italy

When my dearest asked me one December day in the middle of snowy Munich if I would go to Italy with him, I didn’t hesitate for a minute. When the second question came that it would be forever, I looked into his beautiful black deep Italian eyes and answered yes. I never regretted it. In Italy, I experienced the most beautiful and also saddest moments of my life. Beautiful feelings but also a cruel farewell. Italy is about beauty, emotions, smell, taste, sea, and sun. And even though I divide my time between Italy, the Czech Republic, and Germany, usually, if I get off the plane in Venice airport almost to the sea and I smell air scented with salt and sun, I am happiest.

About Travelling

I usually travel around Italy by train, bus, plane or car. I rent a car at Venice Airport. For a trip to the Czech Republic, I usually choose a plane. To Germany I take usually car, if I need to work during the trip, I choose a bus or express train. If I travel to Venice, I usually choose a bus in combination with a steamer, or I leave the car in Punta Sabbione and arrive in Venice by boat. I buy fares through local applications and international price comparators.

About Cars

I rent cars directly at the airport, I always have different ones and I always enjoy it. Sometimes I prefer a little white trendy Fiat 500, other times I want to enchant with a flashy jeep. In summer I want only to relax by the sea for two months and I take trendy Piaggio. Before Christmas, I need a big suitcase, for the offline part of the gifts for my family. At this time I will choose a Audi or BMW, German classic, which is maximally comfortable and safe the winter highway.

About Italian Food


I love italian breakfast. Even though it’s a calorie bomb, cappuccino, and brios, it’s just a local classic and I love it and the day starts kindly :-). Brios is the local name for a croissant, which is usually filled with chocolate, cream, jam, sometimes pistachio, honey, or just without filling.


One of my favorite activities is shopping of fruits, vegetables, olive oil, pastries, spices, wine, and fish on the Mercato. It’s magic and sometimes lasts all morning. I learned to choose everything by smell and calmly, shopping for food is a ritual. Everything is so fresh and scented with the sun. I love that day every week. I have my favorite Mercato in Jesolo and San Dona di Piave.

Herbs and Spices

I buy seedlings on mercato or in a local garden center and they must not miss basil, rosemary, sage, oregano, curry, mint, lemon balm, marjoram, coriander, and dill. Dill is not widely used in Italian cuisine but can be ordered. I grow rosemary with other herbs on the balcony, but if it is possible to go pick rosemary, which grows right on the seashore. It is much more intense.

About Cooking

When it comes to cooking, whatever you cook here has a great taste, because the products from which I prepare food are local and completely automatic organic without stickers, trucks, warehouses, artificial maturation.

About Pets

Italians love dogs, small breeds are especially popular. Dogs have their beaches reserved and it is usually not a problem to find an apartment with the presence of your dog. But you should always make sure in advance whether it is pet friendly. Food for my dog, ​​I order via great food delivery directly according to breed, weight, age, and needs. I always get advice from a supplier who has become our friend over the years.

About Fashion

When it comes to fashion, I’m usually less conservative in Italy than in Germany and in the Czech Republic. I put off black and indulge in professional shop counselors because Italians simply have a sense of design, fashion and combine colors beautifully. I have my favorite shop where I will say the opportunity and the ladies play with me and I usually leave the store with two complete sets of head-to-toe clothes in pastel colors, including shoes, a handbag, accessories, and sunglasses. I love this carelessness elegance.

About Beach

The beach is a chapter in itself and the sea is something like fateful love, a soul mate, a double flame. Once you move to the sea, you will never be able to leave or erase it from life as well as your fateful partner. I love the natural beach in Laguna del Mort, Eraclea Mare, Jesolo, but also all others are beautiful. The sea will solve a lot of things, are you sad, depressed, worried? Take a walk around the sea, you will return home with a smile and peace in your mind.

About Events

One of my favorite events of the year is the Venice Film Festival, which takes place in the beautiful Lido di Venezia. The moment it gets dark and the air is scented with expensive perfumes, cigar smoke, and you look through the spotlight and between the robes of world stars and with a glass of Campari at the sparkling sea. It’s exciting, of course, to look closely at Udo Kiear’s azure blue eyes or Mick Jagger’s typical smile.

About Veneto Magazine

Our vision is to bring the beauties and customs of Veneto closer to readers around the world through engaging conversations, stories and our knowledge that can help you find, among other things, interesting places and nooks that are not on the front pages of world catalogs, but definitely worth seeing, and learn more about them.

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