7 of the Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Veneto Region, Italy

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The Best Pet Friendly Beaches in Veneto

Dog beach is usually the special and comfortable beach area reserved for dogs and pets and  is a part of the beach dedicated to all the tourists that want to mix the pleasure of a holiday by the sea and the pleasure of sharing happy and relaxing moments with their four-legged friends. The Beach Establishment giving you a serene, fun, comfortable holiday while satisfying your dog´s needs!


General rules for visiting a dog beach in Italy

Before visiting this beach, you should be aware of the basic rules, which are usually similar on all dog beaches:

  • Access is allowed with a maximum length of 1.50 meters and a muzzle, which must be worn in case of risk.
  • The dog must be marked with a microchip or tattoo and must have a veterinary health certificate in accordance with applicable regulations.
  • The owner or breeder is always responsible for the well-being, control, and management of the dog and is criminally and civilly responsible.
  • Removal and removal of solid manure are mandatory on the part of the owner or breeder of the dog through special containers, while the liquids are washed with water.
  • Pets must be kept in the shade and the leash attached to an umbrella or lounger.
  • Avoid barking and lively behavior that would distract the pet from authorized personnel.

1. Bau Bau Beach Jesolo

7 of the Best Dog Friendly Beaches in Veneto Region, Italy 1

The beach is open to the public from 08:00 to 19:00. The beach reserved for 4-legged friends is located within Nemo Beach.

  • Bau Bau beach has an “Agility” area, where the pet can stay free without a leash and under the supervision of the owner. A maximum of three pets can enter this area at a time and for a maximum of 15 minutes.
  • Leash 180 cm
  • Use of bowls
  • Dedicated rinse showers
  • Water mirror dedicated to bathing
  • Sanity system

2. Bau Bau Beach Caorle

The best Dog beaches

The area is situated at the end of Lungomare Trieste, Levante beach, after beach area n. 9.

  • Special and comfortable beach area reserved for pets.
  • Changing room for tourists,
  • Umbrella and two chairs
  • Drinking trough and shower.
  • Moreover, pets can bathe in the sea thanks to a dedicated portion of the sea marked by two buoys.

    Bau Bau Beach

3. Bi Beach Caorle


The reserved area, equipped with specific services, is located on the seashore, in front of the village.

  • Umbrellas
  • Tailored sun loungers
  • Bowls
  • Showers, to freshen up after long days spent between games in the water and on the sand
  • Beach meetings dedicated to the food and education of your pet, as well as many other recreational and sporting activities.
  • Collaboration with Trainers – Dog & Cat Wellness.

Bi Beach

3. Bagno Tamerici Rosolina Mare

The Best dogs friendly beaches

At the Tamerici Beach, you also find the Tamerici Dog Beach, a beach resort thought for and established to welcome those who wish to spend the holiday with their pets.

  • water bowl 
  • special sanitary bag distributor
  • shower and refreshing soft water 
  • agility area
  • shower point where you can wash and dry your dog
  • access for the disabled
  • toilets and showers
  • children´s playground
  • Kiosk-bar
  • first rows provided with safe deposit boxes

4. Spiaggia di Pluto, Bibione

Pluto Beach, Bibione
  • Bed
  • Each pet has its own bowl with water, which ensures constant hydration.
  • Customers can take advantage of free lessons offered by qualified instructors.
  • Tailor-made showers 
  • A few minutes’ drive from the beach shop dedicated to the sale of products for pets.
  • Fenced game room, equipped with agility tools and other disciplines, the possibility of an instructor.
  • Ice cream made especially for dogs.
  • Panel for recharging mobile phones and tablets completely free of charge.

5. Astoria Beach, Sottomarina, Chioggia

Dog Friendly beaches

Dedicated area fenced and equipped on the beach for dogs:

  • Reception point

  • Umbrella combined with two maxi space beds and pets beds

  • Bowl;

  • Dedicated shower and toilets

  • Reserved water mirror

  • Monge partner

5. Jumbo Beach 32, Cavallino

The best Dog Friendly Beaches

Dedicated area fenced and equipped on the beach for pets:

  • Reception point

  • Umbrella combined with two maxi space beds and dogs beds

  • Bowl

  • Dedicated shower and toilets

  • Reserved water mirror

  • Monge partner

Jumbo Beach 32

Additional Services

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