Exclusive Interview with Metaverse Leader Igor Brasil

Igor Brasil

Igor is a Metaverse Leader, Advisor and Ambassador in the Exclusible.io company and CEO and Co-founder of WEB3 BR. He is responsible for the first and largest Web3 community in Brazil. Igor supports the mission of helping to grow the adoption of luxury brands in the Web 3 space.Exclusible.io company provides Web 3, CRM support and NFT activations to leading global brands and helps them unlock the metaverse’s power by creating meaningful digital experiences without creative limits.

What was your journey to Web3, Metaverse and AI?
I have been investing in cryptocurrencies for a few years and came across NFTs through Gary Vee’s enthusiasm in his words. This sparked my interest and led to further research, resulting in understanding web3.

What potential does metaverse have, and which platform do you prefer?
Many still have doubts about the metaverse, which is quite common throughout history; it was the same with the first internet pages, computers, and all emerging technologies. I understand metaverse platforms as tools that bring parties closer together, which is very different from websites today. The entire web3 context revolves around the proximity between brands and consumers of those brands. Strategically, metaverses enable scalability not only for the largest brands in the world but for startups with great ideas put into practice. In terms of platforms, I believe that all platforms have their particularities within each specific niche. For business, I prefer Spatial because they focus on the metaverse as a complementary tool for communities, always seeking to add new features.

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What are the benefits of the metaverse for luxury brands?
The metaverse offers luxury brands the opportunity for increased engagement and immersion through immersive experiences, new marketing opportunities through virtual and augmented reality, a global reach, access to customer data for improved marketing and customer experience, and the potential for increased profitability through new sales channels and reduced overhead costs.

How do you work with AI technology?
Artificial intelligence has been helpful for a while now, but in recent years it has been in a maturation phase. Now access has been initiated on a mass scale. The use of artificial intelligence depends only on your creativity; there are thousands of possibilities. Do you know that person who sends thousands of messages and long texts? Just copy the text and ask the AI to respond objectively, for example. It is possible to create courses, books, manuals, storytelling, copywriting and much more; I am truly excited about this subject.

Exclusible.io has 215K followers on Twitter, 91.3K on Discord and 50K on Instagram. How long did it take you to build such a strong community, and what strategy did you choose?
Before becoming a metaverse leader and ambassador for Exclusible.io, I was already following their work; they were always active and held many events that strengthened the entire web3 ecosystem. Being active within the community is the best strategy; being active and maintaining consistency brings scalable results; after all, one person calls another due to a sense of belonging.

Igor Brasil

Can you give us some tips for successful community building?
Do you know any magic  “formula”? But successful community building involves defining your community’s purpose and values, engaging with members regularly, fostering a welcoming and inclusive environment, encouraging active participation, nurturing relationships, and fostering a sense of community ownership.

What is the proportion in the community of local people from Brazil compared to other countries?
Brazil is still in a maturation phase when it comes to communities; we have many speakers on the subject, but in practice, I know the actual builders here; they are directing their efforts towards creating high-value communities; I have approached the leaders of other communities intending to help each other. Many people worldwide are unaware of Brazil’s business potential because scandals often speak louder than technological achievements. If you stay updated and realize what needs to be improved, it is easier to assume leadership.Do 

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How do people from Brazil and Portugal perceive Metaverse, Web 3 and Blockchain?
For example, Exclusible is from Portugal with leaders from all over the world. As soon as a business strategically scales, updated people build their opportunities regardless of location.

How do you work with the community to achieve your goals?
It is important to set clear goals with community leaders, be open to improvements, and create a long-term plan, whether for continuous internal improvement or for the community as a whole. Remember that the opinion of the community brings a sense of belonging, so unlike traditional businesses and startups, the participation of community members is one of the most important points, and depending on the degree of participation, some communities become DAOs.

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