Sea Life Jesolo: Unique Extraordinary exhibition

Sea Life Jesolo

Sea Life is a chain of commercial sea life-themed aquarium attractions. There are more than 50 Sea Life attractions around the world. The chain is owned by the British company, Merlin Entertainments.

Sea Life centers aim to combine modern display technology, biological expertise, and entertainment to provide themed journeys through European and tropical waters. This often provides close encounters with sea life, from shrimps and starfish to seahorses, sharks, and stingrays.

Sea Life Jesolo is a themed and interactive aquarium, where you can see all from sea horses to starfish, jellyfish, rays, and mysterious sharks. A unique tour from lake Garda to the Venice lagoon, from the coral reefs to the Indian Ocean discovering the underwater world.

In its Venice Lagoon, you will discover the incredible biodiversity of this extraordinary ecosystem (created in collaboration with the Institute of Marine Sciences of the CNR of Venice).

Venice lagoon
The Venice lagoon is a unique ecosystem in the world. Located in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea, it embraces Venice and is the habitat of some unique native species in the world.

Sea Life Jesolo

  • Over 35 themed pools.
  • Undersea tunnel
  • Ocean tank with over 500,000 liters of water
  • Sharks, rays, grouper, and much colorful fish
  • The most spectacular bay where the stingrays seem to fly with their renowned elegance.

Amazing learning experiences for everyone
Aquariums are a great place to learn more about oceans, and the incredible creatures that live in them.

Whatever your age, it will be a fun and inspiring experience for you:

  • Experts daily talk all about exhibited creatures
  • Self-guided tours and workshops for schools
  • Multimedia experiences like Shark Mission and Art Aquarium, hosted by experts
  • Annual events like Shark Week
Sea Life Jesolo

The Aquarium is temporarily closed, visit again this page for further updates.

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I love writing, travelling, nature, the sea, and new technologies. Italy is my second home. I love the country, especially Veneto Region. People in Italy are friendly, active, charming and cheerful.

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