Jesolo Job Day 2021. The greatest Job Event Online

On February 10th, at 8:30 AM

Job Day Jesolo 2021

On February 10, from 8:30, the largest job search event in the HORECA area for the summer season 2021 will take place in Jesolo. Jesolo Job Day 2021 is organized by LavoroTurismo and AjA, the association of hoteliers.

Every year, thousands of seasonal workers come to Jesolo who, in addition to well-paid work, also get the opportunity to spend a certain part of the year in one of the most beautiful locations on the Adriatic Sea in Italy. In Jesolo, which boasts a 15-kilometer beach, hundreds of hotels, many bars, discos, clubs, sports, cultural and entertainment events. For a while, they can become part of the city and the neighboring sea, which is one of the most popular areas for summer tourism in Europe. Let’s take a look at how recruitment is taking place in this busy area of tourism.


Applicants will first go through a four-phase process.

Those interested in participating in the recruitment event must first go through a four-phase process. At the end of this process, they have a chance to get a new job. He must first register for the relevant job classification. They then choose a job application format, which they either fill out or can use the LinkedIn platform. If recruiters are interested in the applicant present, he will receive an invitation to an online meeting via email with a selection of companies with whom he will speak. After that, all he needs is a successful registration for the ONLINE meeting and interviews with the relevant managers. Meetings with the candidates take place in a virtual meeting room, where the candidates can introduce themselves in a 15-minute conversation.



There are many job opportunities in the reception sector: reception managers, front office receptionists, and back-office workers. Of course, previous work experience is considered very important, but in many cases, one of the most requested requirements is an excellent knowledge of languages, first of all the German language (since English is considered mandatory). Also discounted is a good ability to use the computer and the main programs. So even those who have no experience but know languages well have many opportunities.
Highly valued competence is the ability to know how to communicate in the social field.



The most sought-after staff generally include kitchen staff. In recent years, the number of requests for confectioners and staff from breakfast to dinner. In Jesolo, seafood cuisine is the most popular, so those who have knowledge and experience with this type of cuisine are accepted as a priority. Vegetarian and vegan cuisines are also developing strongly. Those with skills in using new cooking methods, working practices, and managing food costs should include these facts on their CV, as this knowledge is highly valued.


Many job opportunities, in hotels but also in the hundreds of bars, restaurants, ice cream parlors, kiosks …
Working at all hours. From the simplest positions in the pool bars, kiosks, bars, and restaurants, to the more professional ones such as the main hotel bar or the trendy bar, with many cocktail proposals. For the highest positions, in addition to specific and in-depth professional skills, knowledge of languages is also important: English and, preferably, German


For the housekeeping, the figure of the chambermaid is in great demand; the governesses are highly sought after. You appreciate specific experiences but she is not a mandatory element (except for manager profiles). Many positions are open all day; fewer (but still present) job offers with accommodation. There are also many opportunities for maintenance workers, lifeguards, entertainers, kitchen generics, dishwashers 


As is the case in all locations, employers in their job offers give priority to those who have previously worked in Jesolo or in neighboring areas. This is because, rightly or wrongly, there is a widespread belief that those who have already worked in the area already know how to work in the structures of the area and are better at home in the workplace.


Many foreign seasonal workers also come to Jesolo to work. You can meet people from Europe, but also from Brazil, Russia, Nepal, Pakistan, etc. Foreign Staff needs a valid work permit (outside the EU worker) and residence permit.

Hotels Jesolo


The season has an average duration of about 4 and a half months. Normally, the summer season begins in May and ends in September, however recruitments also take place in June and continue late in the season, even in July and August. Some hotels, restaurants and bars have a seasonality that reaches 9-10 months a year; other companies are open all year round.


Many hotels offer accommodation to their staff; in lower percentages restaurants and bars. Companies that offer a very long seasonality give priority to hiring people residing in neighboring areas, or who do not need housing. There are many opportunities to find accommodation on your own. The accommodations have a monthly cost starting from € 300 per person. Against a cost that must be faced, those who have their own accommodation obtain: more job opportunities, work for several months, often a slightly higher salary, by virtue of the non-demand for housing.


Jesolo is a city of nearly 30,000 inhabitants, which greatly increases this capacity in summer. Near Jesolo, we find Venice which is certainly the most important city, but we cannot forget Treviso and other important and nice places very close like Chioggia, Padua, Udine, and Trieste. Many people who started working in Jesol stayed here forever. Jesolo is a city that, like other seaside resorts, is full of life and lively in summer and quiet in winter.

Jesolo Night

Last year, Italian tourism suffered many losses, with its digital version, Jesolo Job Day 2021 responded promptly to the current limited rules for travel, as well as the need to make progress in recruiting seasonal workers. We believe that the next season will be successful for everyone. Tourists will once again personally enjoy the beauty of the sea, climate, and rich opportunities for relaxation and entertainment, and service and accommodation providers will experience a successful season again.


For more information about the Jesolo Job Day Jesolo click here.

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I love writing, travelling, nature, the sea, and new technologies. Italy is my second home. I love the country, especially Veneto Region. People in Italy are friendly, active, charming and cheerful.

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